Professionally, I am currently Chief Operating Officer of global entertainment communications agency Way To Blue. Over a 10 year career, I have led corporate and consumer digital communications strategies for blue chip and start-up companies and launched an agency's digital offering (Mantra PR, now Speed Communications), managed a UK digital creative agency (Picture Production Company) and been a global agency's Managing Director at UK and European level (Way To Blue). I have also led the acquisition and integration of three International businesses into the Way To Blue Group.

Personally, I am a father, husband, countryside dweller, technology enthusiast, movie and music fan, amateur photographer, keen snowboarder, Arsenal, Broncos and Red Sox fan.

I write about PR and marketing, business intelligence, technology and men's lifestyle.

I also love taking pictures and the galleries on this site display some of my favourites photographs from around the world, most likely from a Canon 5D or an iPhone.